Frequently Asked Questions

1. Customization
2. Billing
3. Sending/ Survey
4. Payment.
5. Support and after sales

1. Customization

1.1 Which is included in the base customization?

Is included on the customization: name (8 characters) + number (2); extra inserts will be charged as follows:

Extra word (8 characters)-1.5 € each;

Flag- 3.0€ each;

Logo - contact us

2. Billing

2.1 Can I get an invoice on behalf of my company?

Yes. All you have to do is provide us your company details and we send by email your invoice.

Any questions, contact us via email

3. Send/Survey

3.1 What are the shipping options i can choose?

Continental Portugal and Islands – Normal – 5 working days – 2 working days or Express
Europe-Normal-7 working days
Rest of the world-Normal-15 working days

3.2 When do I receive my order?

A forecast for the expected date of your order is displayed when selecting the shipping method of your order.

3.3 They deliver to the autonomous regions?

Yes. The procedure, prices and deadlines is exactly the same as practiced for Continental Portugal.

3.4 What are the delivery times?

Continental Portugal and Islands – Normal – 5 working days – 2 working days or Express
Europe-Normal-7 working days
Rest of the world-Normal-15 working days

3.5 Why is my order sent appears if you haven't received it?

Must first ensure that the payment has been effected. Then, in your personal area the State is "submitted", which means it was sent, you must wait for the term announced for the effect. Remember that the deadlines will be on weekdays and not on consecutive days.

3.6 May have a notice of CTT to lift in your mailbox. Can you please check if you don't have that role.

If the time limit for receipt has passed or be upon any questions, please contact us at + 351 218 211 255 or send e-mail to

3.7 Which documents should I submit to lift my order on 181 store?

Indicate your order number and be accompanied by the proof of payment.

4. Payment

4.1. What are the methods of payment i can use?

Bank transfer-through IBAN

Paypal-Visa/Master Card/American Express/Discover

Stripe – Visa/Master Card/American Express/Discover/Obitcoin

Cash-181 store exclusive

4.2 How can I use a promotional voucher?

Before you make your order please contact us via email and ask how you can enter promotional codes.

5. Support and post-sales

5.1 How do I contact customer service?

Just call + 351 218 211 255 or send e-mail to

5.2 How do I change or cancel an order?

Before the payment you can always make changes. After payment, you should contact our services. Only if the order has not been dispatched you can make those changes.

In case of customized products will not be accepted amendments.

5.3 Which are the guarantee of products?

All products sold by 181Sports are guaranteed a minimum of 2 years against any defect of manufacture and/or original functioning. The guarantee of a product of course excludes parts, components or other components subject to normal wear from use. Please note that the application of any implied warranty shall always be subject to the normal conditions of use of a product, as well as compliance with the warnings of use accompanying the same.

5.4 How do I do a return/refund?

Within 30 days of purchase, expose their situation to the mail and then send us the collection (sizes), article.

Customer shall not, under any circumstances, send to 181KEEPERS articles without having made a prior contact because they will not be approved.