Who we are?

181- the number 18 and the number 1 joined for this joint project. The 181Keepers products are created for true connoisseurs of needs-users!


Products are tested by various professionals before the start of the production process. All information is taken into account. The final product is created after you find the perfect harmony between flexibility, Adjustability, Lightness and resistance.
The finest materials are chosen so that the desired comfort is taken together with the guarantee of professional performance in the most diverse requests that is subject during competition or training.
for those who believe in your abilities and needs of this type of product to get a yield of Excellency, 181Keepers, kneepads and elbowpads, meet the conditions for success.

100% made from the roots

The idea arose from the need to fill a market gap when it comes to protections.
Through the years and years of experience using this type of material,Pli and João joined their knowledge and developing quality products for any practitioner who needs this kind of protection.
• flexible, respecting the natural movements of the body;
• adjustable, allowing the right adaptation to the contours of the body;
• Lightness, conferring a sense of lightness that translates, at times, their presence;
• resistance, ensuring and maintaining the protection even after multiple uses.

Side protection

Kneepads and elbowpads are designed with a central concern-lateral protection-so that the whole joint is defended or punching bruises.

One piece

The customizability endows any part 181Keepers as single, own and part of the athlete himself.

"In more activity doesn't seem to be using the protection but when it calls for impact, they always respond affirmatively. Light, resistant to impacts, adjusted to reduce mobility and with an interior fabric that does not cause burns, here are 181! ""
— our motto