Futsal Goalkeepers - Guidelines

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Goalkeepers can be everything. They can be the ones to blame for the biggest defeats or the heroes of the big victories. They are part of the group, but they are alone. They see the game from a special angle, use their own colors, benefit from exclusive rules. Are different.

But it's a mistake to think that being different is just following other rules, or breaking them. The role of futsal goalkeeper is a world of demanding communication decisions, of leadership, of messages that have to be as hurried as they are clear. The goalkeeper has to be in the right place at all times and can only grow by understanding this sensitive link between the space he occupies and the time it takes to occupy it. You have to know the techniques that allow you, more than being different, to make a difference.

Coaches Jorge Braz, Bruno Travassos, José Luís Mendes and Ricardo Azevedo and psychologist Jorge Silvério organize everything a number one in futsal needs to know in Goalkeepers, a Specific Post. From positioning on the field to moving the body, passing through ways to overcome the anxiety of one of the most demanding positions in all sports.

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