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Brazilian futsal goalkeeper notebook: knowing the position - Volume 1

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Indefensible Anxieties
All goalkeepers in the world dream of the possibility of eternal invincibility. Being very realistic, imagine if it were possible to at least be able to spend an entire season playing at a high level without reaching your goal.
If such a fact were possible, his team would inevitably win everything they disputed, and consequently all the individual prizes of the position would go to him.
Of course, this question of a perfect scenario is fictitious, but every goalkeeper tries his best to get close to this situation. My restlessness starts when I ask myself how to get a goalkeeper to get as close as possible to that state of perfection.
Does perfect technique, well-defined concepts and a lot of specific training really make a difference or not in the final result of a whole?
Does the goalkeeper stop being a good goalkeeper if some of the 03 items mentioned in the above paragraph differ from their ability to absorb information or individual quality?
If we think that on one side of the court we have a more technical goalkeeper and on the other a technically inferior goalkeeper, can we say that there is any advantage between them during the course of the game? Is it possible to pin who will be more decisive in a match?
After all, isn't the important thing for the goalkeeper to make sure the ball doesn't go beyond its goal, regardless of the way it is?
If we put all these questions together, it is possible to see that the subject of the goalkeeper is complex and extensive.
Of course, discussing technique, gestures and complementary training is always a good topic. These varied options help a lot, in fact, they were created to make the goalkeeper's life easier and improve his performance, but we cannot despise the goalkeeper who defends the ball without so many resources, both can be very effective in their purposes, and they can, each one in its way to take advantage of the other.

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