Hand Xtrainer

Hand Xtrainer

Hand Xtrainer

15,40€ EUR

Hand Xtrainer

The TheraBand ™ Hand Xtrainer is the latest therapeutic tool available in four progressive intensities. With intuitive and flexible design providing an excellent adaptation – making the Hand Xtrainer the perfect tool for the Office.

Their patented formula supports cold and heat therapy, providing greater comfort to patients. Your latex-free material makes it easy to use the Latex-sensitive patients.

Hand Xtrainer is truly a functional-Adaptive tool since rehabilitation exercises to stretch training. Provides a wide variety of exercises at the level of the fingers, hand, wrist and forearm, making it the ideal alternative and more economic to hand extenders.

TheraBand ™ Hand Xtrainer is an innovative product that provides a number of benefits:

• Patented Formula that supports cold/heat therapy, easy to use and optimized format;

• Economic and intuitive, ideal for domestic use;

• Progressive Training;

• Provides a wide range of exercises;

• Clean and professional.