How to buy

1. How to buy on the site 181 keepers?
2. Delivery times + delivery
3. Payment methods
4. Customization
5. Billing
6. Returns

1. How to buy on the site 181keepers?

Choose and go adding the items you want to buy to the shopping cart.
Choose how you want to receive your order: Normal or Express or in our store.
Choose to pay by credit card in Paypal or Stripe or do it by bank transfer.

2. Delivery time + shipping

2.1 - Portugal Continental and Islands

Express - 2 working days from the working day following the payment – in addition, € 4.20 - sending proof till 12:00 pm;
Normal - 5 working days from the working day following the payment – € 2.90 - submission of proof of payment till 12:00 pm;
At the hour: PERSONAL LINE, Lda- Avenida Aida- Centro Comercial Estoril Garden, 611, 2765-187 Estoril – next to the Casino Estoril.

2.2 - Europe

7 working days from the working day following the payment – € 7.50 - submission of proof of payment to the 12:00 a.m.

2.3 - Outside Europe

15 working days from the working day following the payment – € 12.50 - submission of proof of payment to the 12:00 a.m.

3. Methods of payment 100% safe and simple - Methods of payment available:

3.1 Bank transfer-via IBAN

3.2 Paypal - Visa/Master Card/American Express/Discover

3.3 Stripe - Visa/Master Card/American Express/Discover/Bitcoin

3.4 Cash – exclusive in 181 store

3.1 Bank transfer

To make the bank transfer:

IBAN: PT50003300004545591845305



You must send the bank proof to 181sports@gmail.com with the number of the order in the email subject or put this same number in the description of the bank movement.

3.2 Paypal

Online payment more accepted around the world. Allows you to manage payments from your personal computer or through your smartphone. Through a login this payment method is very simple and safe. This way you never have to enter your credit card information on multiple websites. Discover how to open a Paypal account in just 2 minutes: paypal.com.

3.3 Stripe

One way to secure payment and alternative. The Stripe is a third-party solution that lets you accept payments by credit and debit cards in your virtual store. It is safe and fast - can process payments almost immediately. The Stripe follows the most stringent safety requirements of the sector. Perform the association to Stripe in the settings of your online store One.com.

3.4 Cash

• Personal Line , Praceta D. João I, 84B 2785-379 São Domingos de Rana - Portugal


The faster you proceed to payment the sooner you will receive your order. You have a maximum of 24 hours to proceed to the payment. After expiry of this period, if it has not made the payment, your order will be canceled automatically.

The expected date of delivery is disabled by the date on which the payment is made. There may be up to 2 more working days, depending on when the payment is made.

The planned date of delivery of the order is conditioned by the good reception of the payment, and should consider at least +2 days in the expected date of delivery of your shipment if you choose for this method of payment. In case payment is not made within 48 hours after the time of purchase, the order will be cancelled.

4. Customization

Is included in customization: name (8 characters) + number (2); extra inserts will be charged as follows:

Extra word (8 characters) - 1.5 € each;

Flag - 3,0€ each;

Logo - contact us.

5. Invoice

All products sold by 181Sports are charged through our company Bónus Aplauso, Lda. Any kind of (fiscal maneuver or tort would indeed break through the sales process.)

6. Refunds

In case of non-conformity or dissatisfaction with the product we will proceed to the exchange of the product or return of the amount paid for the same. Shall, within 30 days after purchase, expose the situation to the mail 181sports@gmail.com and then send us the product, on charging (only shipping).

The customer shall not, under any circumstances, send to 181KEEPERS articles without having made a prior contact because they will not be approved.

We will evaluate your case and within 7 days for exchange or proceed within 14 days to your refund.