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The Stepmill is the ideal gymnastics equipment to simulate a climbing exercise, from moderate to high intensity, allowing for a personalized high performance training program.

This gym machine is perfect for stimulating various muscle groups, especially the glutes and lower body, with many training possibilities, such as climbing and kicking exercises.

Engine: AC Engine < / p>

System: Current

Rubber handles and slip: Non-absorbent

Resistance levels: 1 - 20

Heart Rate Receiver: Polar

Water support: 2

Handrail: Yes

Step height: 19 Cm

Step area: 53 x 24.6 x 19cm

Length: 156 Cm

Width: 100 Cm

Height: 214 Cm

Control panel, contains the information of: Time, Distance, Speed, Calories and Levels.

Programs: Time Objective, Distance, Calories, Marathon, Random Hill, Speed, Fat Burning, Heart Rate, 5K / 10k Hill Physical Training,

Maximum user weight: 180 Kg

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